Our Service

Shibajimu is a brand consulting firm that works to solve the challenges and problems faced by our clients. We aim to maximize brand value through a consistent, strategic approach starting from marketing, to the development of concepts central to brands, to the direction needed to realize those concepts, and finally to communication after the launch. We help clients realize their dreams utilizing our three strengths: listening skills to understand the real strength of the brand, marketing skills to understand the targets and the times, and creative skills based on imagination.

Business area
01Development services / Rebranding

We can plan projects in any field to develop new business models, facilities, business categories, products, and services. Our strength is in the planning and development of general B2C operations. As part of our rebranding approach, we will develop a strategy to maximize brand value by accurately assessing and redefining existing projects and products in order to clarify the issues that require review.

Business category development
We help restaurants, supermarkets, salons, and other businesses produce value whether offline or online.
Facility development
We develop plans for large commercial facilities, hotels, and apartments and whole cities, and help them produce value.
Product development
We help produce the value of various products and brands at the point of customer contact for food, beverage, clothing, and cosmetics.
Service development
We plan and develop systems such as manuals and applications for creating attractive services.
02Inner branding

We help clients build an outstanding corporate culture by developing their corporate vision, courses of action, and standards of conduct.

03Various design services

We design and produce creative tools such as logos, packages, advertisements, posters, brochures, and videos.

Shibajimu Business flow
Conduct interviews
  • ① Read trend
  • ② Identify consumer needs
  • ③ Understand strength of clients
  • ④ Empathize with managements' vision
  • ⑤ Create a feasible strategies
  • ⑥ Create a concept gaining
    their sympathy
  • ⑦ Transform concepts into words
    and designs
  • ⑧ Direction to realize the concept
Communication Strategy
  • ⑨ Create communication strategies
    for maximizing concept
Touch up
  • ⑩ Touch up after launch
Our Service