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The Shibata Yoko Office (Shibajimu) is a brand consulting firm that understands the visions of its clients to help solve problems and realize dreams.

Today, the term “branding” is heavily used throughout the world and has taken on a life of its own. We believe that true branding is more than proposing the surface appearance of logos and advertisements—true branding is understanding business structures, discovering advantages, strategically planning the roles of each customer contact point to create attractive brands, and then finally to realize that plan.

In the turbulent times to come, ambitious business managers want to build brands that people will appreciate even 10 years from today—we will help give shape to their dreams. As a small, nimble boutique firm, we want to produce results that will have an impact on the world and serve as an example for working women. With that in mind, Shibajimu will walk down the middle of the path to the future, taking gradual steps.

imageWalk down the  middle of the path  to the futureimageWalk down the  middle of the path  to the future
Our Service

Development services/

We can plan projects in any field to develop new business models, facilities, business categories, products, and services.

Business category
Facility development
Product development
Service development

Inner branding

We help clients build an outstanding corporate culture by developing their corporate vision, courses of action, and standards of conduct.


Various design services

We design and produce creative tools such as logos, packages, advertisements, posters, brochures, and videos.

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